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I can't remember if I posted here or not.

I just recently removed the Borla axle-back and installed the K&N Typhoon intake while I figure out my cat-back exhaust preference...

The K&N is simply comical in how loud and aggressive it sounds at WOT. You can drive normal and not know it's even there. But if you put your foot down and the RPM's go past 3k, it starts to sing. Like nothing else I've ever heard.

Beautiful sound and I'm even considering skipping the cat-back (unlikely) because this gives me such a great sound.

I've had really heavily modded Evo's before and this intake (alone) is no question louder than any previous car I've had. It's a total Jekly & Hyde and so far I absolutely love it!

I personally haven't had any heatsoak issues yet but I have heard that's a concern to look out for. But the butt dyno doesn't know the difference and WOW is the aural sensation at full volume.

Also, I'm getting about the same MPG (in the mid-18mpg range) with this even though I'm going WOT a lot more than I used to (to hear it!). So to me it seems a nice bang-for-buck even if it's just for the sound.

So far I've had 2 people hit their brakes when I downshifted and gunned it next to them. So that says something about the volume.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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