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I would highly recommend searching this forum for information about the K&N system. I have a buddy who is using one on his F and loves it. With the K&N, you have to remove the entire stock intake box and pipe to stall. There have been a few mentioned worries about heatsoak occurring during the summer months however many owners who had this issue found a do-it-yourself (DIY) fix that appears to work.

I'm currently running the Takeda intake. I switched over to the Takeda from the Joe Z intake because I wanted something different and the price I picked up the Takeda for was irresistible. You can't go wrong with either the Joe Z or the Takeda in my opinion. The Takeda replaces half of the stock intake box with a cone filter head and covering. I live in Texas where it can get extremely hot and I noticed no heatsoak issues with either the Joe Z or the Takeda. I've honestly enjoyed running the Takeda and have had no issues with it at all thus far. Fitment and quality are high quality while the performance improvement is on point.

The Joe Z is a great intake pipe as well and I would recommend it to anyone. The Joe Z is a tube that simply replaces the stock intake tubing from the airbox to the engine block. I loved running the Joe Z (I still have it and don't mind changing it out every once in a while) and noticed horsepower gains, no heatsoak and impeccable quality, fitment and service (from Joe himself). A majority of people pair the Joe Z with an aftermarket filter that replaces the stock filter in the airbox. There have been numerous individuals reporting positive feedback with this change as well.

It's all a matter of opinion on what you're willing to change in the engine (stock box, etc.), how much you're willing to spend and what you personally are looking to get out of the purchase. I would do a little more searching and feel free to ask anymore questions you may have.
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