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Takeda Intake Feedback

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I did the install today and I noticed a few things that I though I should give feedback on.

First thing is, I really must compliment Takeda on the instructions. They really do provide a detailed instruction sheet with proper labeling. It made life easy. However, the only main problems that I encountered was the MAF sensor was not lining up. It was slightly off but it did make a difference. Other than that, they packaged it pretty well.
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My feedback is here:

I did not have the MAF alignment problem, but I have read that some folks have had an issue.

^How are you liking it performance and sound wise (those are the most common two questions I get asked about). I, like Lou, had no problems with the MAF lining up but you're not alone in that a few others have brought up this issue before.
Someone had mentioned on CL that it was a production problem. The MAF holes are slightly off no biggy as long as the MAF is completely inside. BUt its pretty annoying. As far as sound and power goes Mike; big, big difference. I don't really need to drive on sport mode anymore. When I punch it now compared to before, it pulls nice! I love it.
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