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was making a left on green when i was t-boned by a crazy lady on xanax that ran the red light and i couldnt proceed until the car infront turned first she hit me the car spun and did a 360 ,the car is not totaled but has lots of damage


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My God! Your probably looking at $3K in parts and who knows how much in labor cost..
Although insurance will cover it..
Im saying the cars near totalled!!
Bro, make sure you point out to the adjuster that there is no gap all the way to the end where the trunk is!!! your car is very close to totalled... your doors, side airbags, curtain bags, seats, door pillars,,, all done,, If its not totalled, make sure they pay for all oem parts only!!! Kinda stupid to get hit and then it gets fixed with used or aftermarket parts,,, tell them this, would you like it if I chopped off your leg and just say that I'll glue it back for you and put a band-aid over the boo boo??
what??? they didnt totalled this car??? I dunno bro,, this car will never feel the same afterwards... better be careful,, some bodyshops have hook-ups with the adjuster,,, they give it a very light estimate up front so the cars not totalled.. then afterwards, they order the parts you need and rip apart your car to find ALOT more damages inside and call for a supplement,, by that time it is clear that the car should have been totalled in the beginning but since they already have parts ordered and already started working on your car,, they have to continue with their project... "trust me,, I've seen my buddy do this at his bodyshop" Samething happened to a buddys brand new bmw... original shop said $13k in damage,, toweed it to another shop and it was declared total at the second shop... tell me how you jump from $13k in damage to totalling out a $44k 8 month old 328xi????
Oh man, I just realized your from Jersey too.. that means this accidents gonna be on your carfax report too... there goes the value of your car down the drain when you wanna trade it in!!! sigh........
thank you for all comments im trying hard im gonna see about getting another adjuster to take a look i really dont understand how its not totaled, and thanks for the comment on the tails =]
yeah,, its bs,,, no way that thing isnt totalled... Im telling you, they are trying to pull some shady shit... dude,, like you said, the damn drivers seat is already $5k,,, 2 doors,, door pillar, gotta have some kinda rail damage, the roofs gotta be somewhat kinked,, quarters, doglegs,, side airbags,,, insane if you ask me... heres the trick,, ask your local lexus dealer,, which bodyshop they recommend and use,, tow it there and have their shop look at it... Im pretty sure, you will get new lexus doors, new everything oem,, oem... and the price will definitely bring it to near total!!! Thats what we did with my buddies 328xi. and it was totalled
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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