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Sway Bars for ISF Only

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I am interested in opinions and research in the ISF swaybars. Has anyone installed anything other that ISF swaybars with any success.
2- Is it true that F-Sport rear swaybars are stiffer than stock F swaybars.

Please do not pollute the thread with IS-250/350 stuff. This is for ISF only.
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Well here's a FACT:

Countless IS F owners have installed and reported a significant difference/improvement in the cars handling/turning ability with the install of F-sport or the sikky rear sway bars.
check out clublexusforum and you'll see Lou was right....
you may not think all that anecdotal evidence means anything as i'm sorry we don't have any skid pad numbers for you however....:rolleyes:

^^^No need to name call. I simply wanted to see if you have any hard facts of the bar actually working (skidpad testing or better lap times). Stiffer does not equal better in many cases.

I like facts. F-Sport Sway bars- were not designed for the ISF (Fact).

Either or not they 'bolt up" or how well they fit, another story.

Point is anybody can come and write whatever they want but without the facts its just YOUR OPINION.
^^^ Lou also sports 285 rear tire that are NOT recommended by the tire manufacturer itself (rim being too narrow).

If someone else did it isn't making it a hard fact or a good thing to do.

Like I said, lap times or skid pad test is the way to go on this one.
and as a counterpoint.... just because it's not recommended by a manufacturer doesn't mean it's a bad thing either....;)
MANY.... including myself run wider tires on the OEM wheels (i'm running 275's in the rear and 245's in the front). I have not heard or seen any negative posts about running this (or a similar) setup, however the positives (wider rubber=more contact patch=more traction) are fairly obvious.... I've certainly noticed improvement in handling with this mod... (although not entirely fair as I also changed from crappy OEM bridgestone RE050's to Michelin PSS's... :)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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