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To totally different cars IMHO, well after 1 day of >

drive time with my F. I owned my IS 350 for two years plus. Ran fine, horsepower was lacking but fine for what the cars was considering the brakes etc. But the "F" ain't your fathers Lexus anymore !!!!

In one day of driving the "F" I found the stance much wider and more secure, the ride more like that of the M3, stiff, but not to uncomfortable, the F points in nicely as you turn the wheel. I ran it through a few curves on Mulholland last night and it stuck like glue. Didn't want to push it to hard as the paint hasn't had time to dry yet, but I think it'll take a lot to break this puppy loose in the corners. Simple to do from a standing stop with certain features tuned off though...

But it's really unfair to compare the F to an IS350..... Unfair to the IS 350 that is. The IS 350 was never intended to be all that the F is.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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