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How long before we see an aftermarket supercharger for this motor?
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All I know is I keep thinking how cool it would be to have a supercharged V-8 with an 8 speed auto :cool:
Heheh, now they just need to add AWD and they have the perfect rally car :)
I would be interested if Toyota made a supercharger for it, and you could get it with full factory warranty, and it wouldn't void the drivetrain warranty. I'm not sure if I would want to do an aftermarket one without the warranty though. I had problems with the aftermarket supercharger on one of my previous rides. I ended up with a leaky supercharger just after the supercharger warranty expired. That expensive supercharger oil was leaving a puddle in my driveway. The worst part was that my engine was also damaged, probably due to the supercharger. Drivetrain warranty was void :( Also, there were driveability issues, including problems with cold starts in really cold weather.
Screw the S/C. Turbo baby! :D
Screw the S/C. Turbo baby! :D
Im with him :D
Im with him :D
Yeah turbo would definitely get me excited.
For the first year and a half I am just going to enjoy the car with what Lexus offer to us."MAYBE" after I might do some minor performance mods if needed.
Thats probably what I will do as well..
Since I have always owned "used" cars I was never really reluctant to modify my cars but buying new, I don't know if I will feel comfortable tinkering with this and that until I am atleast comfortable with the car. Because of the ULEV2 rating and no GG tax restrictions, I bet additional horsepower will be very easy to come across on this car with a small amount of aftermarket.
We thought boosting the is300 putting $10,000+ Just to get the car running. Now Imagine the IS-F OMG $$$,$$$.

It would be awesome to here a IS-F just rolling down the street and turbo spools wastegate opens tires start to loose grip and the diff locks and the blow off valve goes off. OMG THATS SOOO SEXY!!!
Bob Norwood of Norwood Ferrari who hold 127 Guiness Book World Records for Speed has been contacted about a Turbo kit. EST POWER : 700WHP!
sooo whatever happened to the Supercharger made by Greddy?
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