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super charger or twin turbo

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hey guys just wondering whos doing thes to ther cars and witch one whould be better to do? also how much are they going for thanks for the help
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Brother, I hate to break the bad news but S/C Kit doesn't exist and from what I Hear Twin Turbo isn't that reliable on the F so I hear anyway..

At one Point Greddy WAS working on the S/C Kit but that was the prototype at the SEMA convention..Never heard the light of it..:confused:

Best thing is Exhaust,Intake and word is that Headers are on the way from ISS Forged and my Local JE Imports..
Twin turbo kit is 15 grand for like 5 pounds of boost 575whp I believe. As for the supercharger it's going to be a little while for one.
anyone know where i can buy the twin turbo kit?
and anyone know if it will void my warranty on the car?
Only way anything aftermarket voids the warranty is on the part/s it causes to fail. So, if you add a tubro setup, and your power window's stop working, your fine, but if that same turbo setup blows up the transmission, your on your own.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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