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Suggestions for a new poll

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Any suggestions for a new poll for the front page?
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Here's a great poll idea, who has had sex in their F? LMAO! I know this won't make the polls but you gotta give me credit it made you laugh! :eek:p
Funny story, I felt the need to do this at least once in the F but while I was moving over to the passenger seat I accidently put my body weight on the cup holder and broke one of the latches in the corner. I got my dealership to fix it but the next time I went in for something the service rep asked me how the F was for picking up ladies when all I did was smile he said "Now I know how your cup holder broke" :D

And drdoug75 I made real sure to keep the leather clean.

As for the poll I like the idea of how long people plan to own their F's.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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