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Sudden Attraction to the M3!

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I know we treat the m3 as our enemy, and i have a serious problem! I am suddenly attracted to the e92 m3 coupe.Is it wrong to own an isf and love the m3 coupe at the same time. How do you guys feel? Also are the new m3 as rare as the isf because ive only seen 2 here in SoCal, a pretty wealthy area. They're almost more rare than the IS-F, since I've seen three others on the road excluding my F. Anyways tell me what you feel, because I feel guilty sometimes.
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I don't know where you live but im in the beverly hills/ west hollywood area and there is enough M3's (Sedans, coupe, Conv) for you to get over your love fast. Honestly so far i've seen one other F and I am so happy to see so few F and it makes me feel real special!!!!!!!! there is a certain pleasure from being one of the few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Puts a smile on my face every day
I understand what you mean! Just because you drive an F doesn't mean you don't have to like the F's competitors or any other car for that matter. I like the look of the new M3 and it is a pretty impressive car but just not for me. The RS4 and C63 are also great cars and I admire both of them as well (I personally really like the looks of the RS4, I always have). When I see them on the streets I give them a thumbs up or if they're parked, I'll go up and look inside :D

It's nothing to drive one car and love another, they are both great, high performance cars each with something unique. :cool: As far as numbers go, I would say they are about equal in terms of rarity. I don't have the exact production numbers on both but that would be my guess
My friend just bought one and I think it is great. The nav system cpu is faster and far more responsive than our's. The ipod dock is far better than the accessory plug that my F has as you can then access the playlists and songs on the nav screen. Trivial points, I know. A great growling engine. Several other techy things I noticed that our F does not have. A beautiful car that he paid about $62k for - MSRP was around $72K. A blast to drive, very responsive and I have to say the ride is better/more comfortable in the city. Still, I paid $10K less...
You're funny, PC! Nothing's wrong with having both cars, if you can afford them. You can have whatever you like (just like the stupid song says). :)
dude; this isnt west side story there both just cars!!! any brand loyalty u feel is just an illlusion.
Honestly I always liked the E92 M3 Coupe..I discussed this topic the first time I purchased the F back in march 08 when I was in shop for a new car between Range Rover SC or M3 Coupe although ending up with the F was the best thing there is for me..But still I like the M3 Coupe..Big Fan and always will be!!
Like everyone has been saying, don't feel bad if you want a M3, they are really cool cars. I looked pretty seriously at a M3 4-door instead of my IS-F. I ended up with the IS-F because all of the BMW dealers are a pain here in St. Louis and I had bad luck with my last BMW.

If you want one, go for it!

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
I am not gonna lie, I like the new M3 a lot. I've always been a big fan of the M series line of BMW's. Many of my friends have BMW's and seen the problems they've had over the years. If I was only planning to keep my car for 3 years or less, I would have gone with the M. Because I intend to keep this car for a long time, I thought the F was the best choice in longevity, long term maintenance and reliability.
Any of You guys saw Eddie Murphy's Delirious? What did he say to his wife when he got busted? Yes honey, I admit I f'd her but I loooove you. That's what you should say to your F once you buy the OTHER car. But seriously, M3's a great car too, in fact that's my next project,
Hehe when I whent to Florida I like to visit the dealers, and by me doing that I thought the same. I think its growing on me alot,and I no I sound like a girl but in Florida I would def get the hard top convertable(sorry) but how u can put it up and down by the key, and those angle eyes as lights(corona)thats the new name for them. But I see at least 10 a week there easy and I never see IS F. They are verry rare even in NJ I see way more M3s then Fs.
I don't know, in as much as I dream of having an M3 again ( I had my first in '89), I still went for the F. For me the F is more responsive which brings out my smile more than the M does. I just wish we had the 8k rev limit and the sound of its engine. That is enough for me to want one again.
My career and job as a designer has me working on a new BMW Dealer locally and Ive had the pleasure of checking all the new models out up and close. The M series altogether is a very fine bunch...but Lexus (IMO) seems more redefined...thats just me.
My quesion is- has anyone been through any average maintenance and/or repairs to both of them and compared the upkeep cost?
Whoa guys slow down there! I can never afford the M3, I'm only a student and my parents bought me ths IS-F. But definitley down the road after I'm out of college I will buy an M3. I'car in I've always like it since childhood, but hearing about BMW's so called service and problems with the M3 I decided on the F. The F is the better all around car in terms of power,speed, and luxury. Oh and to answer the poster from Bevery Hills, I live in Irvine here in Orange County, so I see all kinds of cars. I've seen ferraris, maseratis, you name it but dont know why theres a lack of M3's. You know what I mean, its as rare as seeing a Lambo or Bentley everyday. I've honestly only seen 1 white e92 m3 convertible, with the top down. I already posted about that experience and How we were neck and neck in a little scruffle. Compred to that I've seen 3 other IS-F's(Red,Smoky Granite, and Blue). Buyt Yeah it feels great to own the F.
i love the new m3. sick car . i want to get rid of my lexus for one or might get one and keep the lexus. white with red interior 19 inch wheels 6 speed sick car love it.
i love the new m3. sick car . i want to get rid of my lexus for one or might get one and keep the lexus. white with red interior 19 inch wheels 6 speed sick car love it.
NJ1 you don't seem to be too happy with your F. First you try to sell it and you just recently posted a comparison between the F and the m3. Now you got this comment. It seems like you're regretting getting the F. I say you go to the bmw dealership and see if you can trade your F in for the m3. Sorry for coming out strong but you just seem to have no respect for the car that you have right now.
Yeah im with you Crazee, NJ1 seems a little regrettful. I'm sure the m3 is not as good as we think it is until we drive, etc. I think the F and M3 are equals when you factor everything in. So you can't go wrong with either one. Though I started this thread, I love my F a lot. Everyday I'm driving it I smile, and I love all the attention you get from a nice car like the F. The F has inclusivity, unlike the BMW, which everybody and their mamma buys. I think we couldn't have asked for more than a lexus performance car thats reliable and really fun car. Hey NJ1 this os for you: have you ever raced an M3, they are not that much quicker, if any quicker! I have been neck and neck with one, so I know. love your wife/girlfriend right? But that doesn't mean that you can't look at (insert supermodel/actress here) and enjoy the view.

Just don't touch... :)
No harm in appreciating the M3, amazing car. I went back and forth between the E92(Coupe) and the F. Would have leased the M3 and the DCT (Dual clutch Tranny) is more responsive of course than the F's tranny, most tests show it's as much as 4/10ths quicker to 60mph. 4.2-M3 vs. 4.6secs for the F, and pulls .95 or so on the G vs. the Fs .92. Pretty minor overall, I DO wish the F had an adjustable tranny and a 2 clutch system, but for the money and Lexus service/reliability I've come to love, the F was just the way to go. Oh yeah, regarding the nav, the 09s are hard drive based, so they are a bit more responsive than the F's nav. But I honestly like the graphics and display of ours better. Plus it's much easier for us to upgrade the nav dvds, with BMW, you have no option but to go in to the shop.

As mentioned if you're leasing or only planning on owning for 3 or 4 years, BMW's free maintenance is key.
Hey don't worry .Why you are so confused?Its very simple to decide.Don't feel bad.Its very easy to decide.Go with your choice whatever you like.It will be a good decision.
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