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Submenu on the Navi

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I have a question to all of the tech guys out there.
Last week I was at my local Lex dealer with an issue about my blue-tooth.
The service manager punched in some kind of a sequence into my navi, and all of the sudden he got into the submenu, but he wouldn't tell me how he did it.
Does anyone out there know how it is done.
It would be neat to be able to tweak stuff on your own.
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I've read about this on older Lexus models, but not not the new one...?
hold the info button and switch your parking lots on and off for about 5 times until the menu switches to a submenu, then click blue tooth.
I tried it, nothing happened, sounds interesting.
worked for me..
Nice tip. Thanks! :)

It shows my parking brake on and my speed as zero, even when I'm moving. That's as it should be since the hack to make the DVD-Video play while in motion.
This doesn't allow the override in nav while driving does it?
No, you have splice the wires and ground em etc to have navi while driving. This is to change things for the blue tooth and a few other things.
do you mean turn your parking lights on and off about 5 times?

and car running?? and so on
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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