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ANYTHING can be made faster than the IS F. My point is you gotta resist the temptation and not be racing anyone that comes along just because they're stepping hard on the gas of their trash and manure haulin' pickup, or Civic Si, or twin turbo'd Camry, or whatever. Putting people in their place? Pleeease? You still won't convince them even after you won. You gotta ignore the little freaks. You are driving an expensive, fast, luxury car and not some freakish thing that can do low 11's in the quarter mile and can't do anything else. Your car can do it all so be smart and and resist the street racing temptation.
Wise thing to do! Now if I could just resist the temptation..LOL! Actually, my wife puts me on check all the time. Thank God for her!
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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