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Has happened twice in last few days. In Drive (D), pull out of parking space and notice that the automatic is not shifting up past 2nd. First time, I flipped from D to M and back and problem was gone. Thought I had just not placed it properly in gear. Same thing today. In D, I was stuck in 2nd all the way up to 4000rpm when I again flipped to M then back to D. Problem gone again. The first time the engine was cold. The second it was warm and in 24 deg F weather. Has anyone else had this issue? Only happens when I start after an hour or so being parked.
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I did have this happen to me a few times. Each time it was when my car was cold and hadn't warmed up yet. I just waited and it switched on it's own. I have not worried about it because I just chalked it up to being cold and I know the tranny on this car is pretty tough.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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