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Stripped IS-F

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Thought this was interesting so I thought I'd post it..I got it over at the operationsports-GT forums. The video features a stripped IS-F testing on nurburgring (as u can see from the interior), and it handles like a dream.

Please leave feed back...I'm curious to what you guys think.

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seems like the only car able to pass the F are the Porsche, not bad for a 4dr sedan... That front lip on the F looks very very nice and agressive..
I love it! They picked the best color too. :D

Sounds Amazing !!!
C63 AMG IS THE BEST CAR!! it beat my isf this thursday... c63 has way to much power let me know what u guys think....
I don't think you are talking about the C63!!!!

Anyways, i do not like the front seats of the, overall, i do not like the look of it, especially the profile and the front. It's got some extra power, but then..there is always something with a little more out there.
Personally, a combination of luxury, build quality, performance and reliability..i cannot think of a better car than the F.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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