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Straight line race

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What's the best configuration for a straight line race from the red light:
sport mode on and: traction off? traction on?

I have yet to turn traction off and I don't know how the car would handle so am a little hesitant. would rather try on a straight line before i start with the turns

Either way, i feel like when i punch it there is some wheel spin with traction on.....what's the fastest way for 0-60?
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i would say traction off, vsc off, sport mode, manual
Manual, sport and depending on the weather, traction off. Before you straight line it, make sure your tires aren't cold, drive it around for a little before and don't be afraid to get on it hard to warm them up :cool: I'm guessing the temps in VA are fairly cold, thats why I said they need to be warmed up a bit to grip well

What are you going to run?

Be careful out there if your going it on open road
I would also add that the type of pavement you are on has a huge impact on hooking up...that real black asphalty type pavement really sucks for 0-60 type fun. If you can find grooved pavement, which is typically almost white you will really be in for a treat. I usually find this on entrance/exit ramps, or the access roads that run parraell to the highway.
Also, I have found that the automatic shifting is pretty tough to's more fun/engaging in manual, but the tranny on the F is world class. I personally find that I am moving so damn fast when I just go all out from a dead stop that I don't like to dedicate my mental RAM (which is limited in my case) to shifting.
Traction on, VDIM on and always stay in sport mode. It will require alot of practice to manually shift this car and get to 60 faster than in auto mode. When mastered I believe you can get the best 0-60 time when using either the paddles or shift lever to shift through the gears. I have upgraded to 275/30/19 tires in the rear and this has helped with wheel spin immensely. With traction off I have been left at the light spinning in smoke on more than one occasion.
^^^^275/30s fit OK in the rear on stock wheels? What did you with the fronts? I would like to fit larger tires there too, but is there enough room? Added what brand of tire did you put on?


The rears are PS2 275/30/19. These fit no problem as the stock rim is a 9" in the rear and a 8" up front. I have not worn out the front tires yet but have done alot of researching on what size would be best. I am leaning towards a 245/40/19 and here is why. The stock tire is a 225/40/19 this tire and rim have an overall dia of 26.08 a sidewall height of 3.54 and a section width of 8.85. As you have noticed, the gap between the tire and fender in the front is much greater than in the rear. I personally dislike the gap. I do not want to make any mod's to the stock suspension. I therefore and opting for a 245/40/19 PS2 up front as this will have a slightly larger overall dia which will fill some of the gap and provide a larger section width giving the car a larger front tire contact patch.
I hear you. But, the 275/30s are .5" smaller in OD than stock and the 245/40s are .6" bigger. They are a bit more than 1.0" (4%) different than each other in diameter, when they should be the same. Don't you think this might be an issue?

My research included looking at some of the most exotic high performance cars of the day. Currently the percentage of difference with what I am doing is approx 4.57% The wheel and tire setup on the 2008 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is 5.81% and this hits a top speed of over 200 MPH. You asked and I answered. Given the way I drive the car and consulting with all my coherts this will not cause me or the vehicle any undo stress and or premature brake or tire wear. You are correct that the original staggered set up was pretty close to even in the overall DIA of each other.
You asked and I answered.
I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm trying to understand. I've been a tire guy for over 50 years now. I even managed a tire store for awhile while in my twenties. It's been my experience, on a staggered setup, when there is one axle with a larger OD than the other, that axle is usually the rear. If it's the front, I'm not sure this wont upset the handling dynamics. Please let me know how this works out for you. I also believe the F is undertired, and when I replace I would like to go larger.

I am coming out of a G35 Coupe which came with a 225/45/18 and 245/45/18 staggered setup. I replaced the wheels with wider Nismo forged alloys and the tires with 245/40/18 and 275/40/18. Wider, but kept the OD the same front to rear.

Thanks so much for your thoughts.

I completely understand and have looked into it further. I am currently running the 275/30/19 in the rear and the stock 225/40/19 up front. Without having any before and after track experience I do not feel any difference. I have since played with different options and will probably go with a 245/35/19 up front which will match much closer in overall dia than the 245/40/19. The stock setup has the fronts just a smidge larger than the rears. Was this for a reason? I am hoping the gap betweeen the front tire and fender does not grow. Thanks for the insight.

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