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stoptech brake pads

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anybody use these? im looking for some new front pads.
called two dealers by me and the want 820 to install just the front pads and 500 just for the oem pads.
im open to suggestions just dont want to spend 500 dollars for front brake pads
ive looked around a little and didnt see anything about the stoptech pads.
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Hawk or Bobcat are what most of us are using
What rotors is everybody using?
Dealer said I need those too.
^^^^Search is your friend:)

I just got carbotech bobcat 1521's installed on the front for $240 from my dealer. The pads themselves cost me $201 + shipping. Overall these are good, they dont have the initial bite of the oem pads which is good for day to day driving. I actually had my rotors machined as they said they were fine until the next brake job. If you want to change the rotors there are few who have bought raybestos rotors and havent had any issues. However msst have kept the oem rotors or if they needed new ones have been able to get them at a little bit of discount... hope this helps. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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