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stock size snow tires for sale (Blizzak LM25v)

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fronts are 225/40/19 rears are 255/35/19. i used them for a few months last winter here in seattle. they did great in the snow. the car was unmanageable without them in the snow. not sure how many miles are on them, but they have A LOT of life left.

i can post pictures tomorrow when i have better lighting.

new the fronts appear to be 169 each. can't even find a place carrying the rears, but last i saw they were 205 each. so 748 total.

asking 600 + shipping. i'm located in WA state.

the white stuff is just some dust i rolled through when pulling them out to take the picture.

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damn. i guess no one drives in the snow?!
they do, just prob not on 19s or nice stock wheels
ull find someone tho
I just need 1 rear tire. will you be willing to sell just 1 rear?
sold them via craigslist
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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