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Stock DVD hacked!

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Well I'm still here over seas dying to get back to my car! However thats not stopping me from getting my car set up by the time I get back... I had my brother take my car to this car shop near Ft. Lauderdale, FL to have the stock DVD player hacked, paid about $400 for the job and the guy showed my brother some pretty neat tricks with the IS-F and what not. Any other simple modifications that I may be able to do overseas?
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Sweet modification to complete while away! You can have tint done while your gone so long as you know the %. You can also just keep an eye out for mods online and order them, then put them on when you get back :)
Thanks for the tip Mike! The guy who did the hack told my brother that there two different ways to turn off the VSC... The first being the regular way of holding down the button while driving and the second method which allows for less restriction according to the guy is by putting the car in park, holding the brakes and holding the button down for 3 seconds... Dunno the validity to that but that is what he said.
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