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Stock air box filter upgrade - which one is the best?

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Hello, i'm looking to upgrade my stock air box filter and wanted to find out which one is preferred by you all.

Which one is the best?
- K&N
- tom's
- other

Also, with regards to the K&N, which I've used in other cars with no problems, I've heard that some people have worries about the filter oil affecting the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Is this something to really even worry about?


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Search and ye shall find. I have the Takeda and like it a lot.

I like my takeda too...especially the fact that it retains the dual stage. J
I think the op may be asking what is the best Drop In filter for the stock air box. To answer, I do not have a preference as I too, have the Takeda. Awesome set-up if you want to go after market.
Ahhh, drop-in is a "why bother?" imo
I recently installed a Brand New OEM Filter...

I didn't like all the extra dirt & sand that was getting passed the sides of the aftermarket filter I had.

~ Joe Z :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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