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Stillen G37/370z 515 HP

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Very interesting indeed. Cant wait to see what the F will be able to do once we get a SC:
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That is interesting. The supercharger system should add a little weight to the stock vehicle, which according to my google search is 3662 lbs in 6MT coupe it should push over 3700 lbs. With 438 WHP, it will be pretty quick. Of course when we finally get a supercharger, it should exceed 525 WHP.
From what I can gather its going to cost about $5900, thats not bad at all. Especially since anyone thats halfway decent with a wrench can install it themselves. This kit was made in conjunction with vortech.

The only thing that worries me about the F is the lack of tuning available. Well that and I wonder what the price point will be.
I have to admit.... i'm burning through my preliminary 10 posts so i can post pictures of the ISF supercharger kit progress i've made.

So be sure to check it out in the performance forum
It would be better if the supercharger was on the other side of the engine. That looks a little off with the pipe going across the entire front of the engine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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