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stealership trying to screw me

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I was supposed to get my nav replaced under warranty today after the touch screen stopped responding. I took it in last week and my service guy said the would order a new one to replace under warranty.

A lil background:

This is my second headunit. The first time 2 years ago my cd player stopped working. It was replaced under warranty.

I found out last week from the dealer that my car has had the head unit replaced twice prior to me buying the car. a total of 3 plus the install will make 4 times

When I bought the car the dealership told me that the dvd player worked while driving. So in other words I bought the car with the hack already done.

I bought the platinum warranty with the car.

I do have a aftermarket stereo, which was done by jm lexus custom creations division.

I waited 2 hours at the shop today and they finally called to tell me they couldn’t do the switch under warranty because of the aftermarket stereo. They also said the wire harness had been tampered with. My stereo does not tap into the harness, that was done by the previous owner, which has **** to do with me.

I went off, I said I want you to prove that my stereo is the cause. I then told them about the law, they said we don’t have to cover the install cause its lexus policy.

I then told them all my aftermarket work was done by your shop. Then they said oh really, well we will have to do some research into it.

This is bull to me. I have bought 3 cars from them plus ive had 5 serviced by them. My isf has had audio plus the IHE combo all installed by them.

In total me and my wife have spent over 70k with them and now they *****ing about a 2000$ nav that’s under warranty.?!?!?

I hope they call me tomorrow with what I want to hear, cause my next step ftc and the bbb, something..
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