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Starfire Pearl ISF purchased in 03/08

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Hey Guy:
I just want it to share with you guys on IS-F I purchased back in 03/31/2008..
Main reason I purchased this car was several actually..
1.Originally I purchased a Range Rover Supercharged but Too much on gas and crazy as it may seem but I had some tag problems so it had to go(Actually I saved some money buy the F instead)..
2.Originally I intent it on BMW M3 but no can do on manuel..
3.ONLY downside is that do to dealer markup I had to extra sum of cash..
So I went Lexus Dealer and they gave me this Starfire Pearl version within a hr from a another dealership they had deliver to me..

Great car..The Car popped its cherry less than 1 weeks ago..5000K..Yeah, I know..It's lot of mile for something that's 3 months old..

Here's some pics..

It's been 3 months I still have not seen one on the road yet on my way that is..

P.S:The side shot does not to justice on this car..


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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