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SRT Exhaust

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I recently just purchased my first IS-F after getting rid of my 04 CL 55AMG. I have been reading this forum for a week straight trying to figure out what i would like to do for my first round of mod's.

I already ordered my Sikky Headers and an SRT intake. While talking to SRT on the phone I inquired about exhaust. They offered me a very good deal on their true dual exhaust system. I cant find much info on the forum regarding this product and want to know if anyone has any experience with this product. I was getting ready to purchase JoeZ PTS which seems to be the go to product.

Any help would be appreciated.

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SRT products wasn't a good choice. On forum You should find some info about thier mod's for F.
You really don't want to put on the SRT intake. Do a search and you'll find that everyone that has, had problems and has removed it. Their exhaust is not the best out there. IMO, you have made some bad choices.

As far as headers are considered, I have PPE. But, I'm a fan and biased. I also have a Takeda intake and I have fabricated a custom exhaust utilizing stock mufflers. Do a search and you'll find them.

As far as the exhaust I would go for the Joe-Z exhaust but that's my opinion there are several choices and it comes down to your personal choice. I agree with the other forums owners the SRT intake wasn't the best choice. Welcome to the club and I see your located locally.
Welcome to the forum.

As stated by others Sikky and PPE headers are the most popular. From what I have been reading the PPE headers have been growing a bigger following recently. Sikky did start the craze though, so a lot of the earlier purchases were Sikky.

Keep looking around the forum and ask away. We're all learning and everyone has an opinion as to what is best. You'll have to decipher and decide what is best for you.

good luck
Very few options in modding an ISF, I have the Joe Z Exhaust and it's very nice, but it depends on what you like, jump on you tube and check out all the exhausts, HKS, Borla, ISS, PTS (Joe-Z), all have different sounds, and that's what you'll wanna judge by, the hp they give you doesn't seem to change much, i think i got 13hp from the Joe-Z pipe and drop in filter, with the exhaust.

also most custom exhausts built and displayed on the forums, (which might be a cheaper option) sound like the ISS exhaust (imo) because i believe they use the same mufflers (magnaflow?)

Also i bought the PPE headers as well, but both Sikky and PPE have shown 30-40 hp depending on the car. I can tell you PPE and PTS (Joe-Z) have unreal awesome customer service.
I changed my mufflers with flowmaster 40's and a smaller magnaflow resonator and removed my rear cats. Sounds amazing. Very cheap as well
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