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Squirrely RX300

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Tis' the season for sharing. One of our service consultants had just asked me to bring a camera back into service and take a couple of photos for him. Apparently, we had serviced this RX300 recently and it came back to us because the customer stated it was smoking in the front and some of the dash lights were coming on. This is what I saw when I opened the hood! Looks like he didn't get to finish building his nest. :( I wanted to share with my LexusF friends!

He is no longer with us. Death by alternator.
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Too bad he wasn't closer to the exhaust manifold...woulda been cooked just right!
LOL...Ever heard the one about the car powered by hamsters? Well.. Lexus uses squirrels, they're more powerful and quiet. (Although they smoke a bit when under pressure.)
First there was bats and now squirrels. I hope I don't run into any deers on Interstate 95.
Wow, thats crazy....I'm sure it was pleasant to remove
how the heck did that squirrel get in there? lol
Most likely looking for his nuts. Wow I just notice the blood in the first pic
LOL... There are some more graphic shots, but I decided to spare everyone. He was not happy.
The squirrel was role playing as a mechanic but he accidentally got caught up in the alternator.
Moooore powah? Maybe 1 SP? SP = Squirrel Power
If you live in an area where there's a lot of critters and you park your car outside, beware. They like to cozy up to the warm engine, especially during this cold season. I wouldn't be surprised to hear about other kinds of critters getting stuck under the hood...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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