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Squeaky brakes

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Hi all, has anyone had ongoing issues with their brakes squeaking? This began after about 1,000 miles on the car and began annoying me. I took it into the dealership and they said it was normal and that it would go away once the brakes were "broken in". Well about 7,500 miles later and I still find that my brakes squeak and it's really annoying...and at times embarrassing considering it's a $60k car.

I just found this story as well and thought it was interesting:

Any one have any thoughts on what I should do? Should I tell the dealer to look into again when I go in for my next service? Should I go to the dealer now and have them look at it again?

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as long as they dont squeal. squeaking and and squealing are two different noises.

high performance brakes are going to squeak when they are being used lightly, thats just how it is. learn how much brake pressure makes them squeak, and modulate accordingly.
It doesn't matter how much pressure I apply, they still squeak. I've tried hard braking to warm them up, but it still doesn't help.

I think the high performance brakes excuse is garbage. How many different manufactures make cars with high performance brakes? Surely they don't have the same issues. Either way, for the price paid for the car, I expect better quality.
believe what you will. brembo high performance brakes are somewhat notorious for squeaking.

if your brakes squeak and squeal under all levels of brake pressure then you must have a problem.

my brakes only squeak if i release them slowly from a stop and if i have really light pressure when stopping. however i have learned how to avoid the squeaking noise.

i'm going to guess, maybe your brakes weren't bed in properly.
another thought. if you snatched up that 08 with low mileage for cheap because it was a demo or previously owned, im almost certain it was abused too soon especially if it was a demo
Dust Brakes on this car is NOTORIOUS!! On this forum this topic is famous for the F..
My F always kept on squeeking from Day1..My advice is clean out the dust brakes every 1-2 days..
Yes it's very normal, it happens alot after the car has been driven in the rain. It's just brake dust so don't sweat about it.
Very strange, I have never heard my brakes squeak or squeal at all and I got around 4500 miles on it since new. They do dust like a mofo though, lol
another thought. if you snatched up that 08 with low mileage for cheap because it was a demo or previously owned, im almost certain it was abused too soon especially if it was a demo
i bought it new with just your typical mileage from loading/unloading during transportation.
No problem yet....I have a 08 with 3k and got it brand new with 3 miles on it...only hear the brakes when im driving hard...
No squeaking or squealing here either at over 5k miles. Although, I'm ready with my Hawk Ceramics when replacement is needed. I'll see if it squeaks or squeals then.
Mine squeek every once in a while. Once they start to get to the point where it is annoying I just re-bed the brakes and that normally takes care of it. As for quality on a $60k car...Can't do much better than Brembo's.
My '08 F brakes started squeaking soon after it was broken in and haven't stopped squeaking since (~15k miles now). When I informed the dealership (Park Place Lexus in Plano, TX) none of the mechanics knew what to do so they told me they contacted Lexus, who said it was normal for high performance brakes to squeak....and yet my buddy's '09 M3 doesn't have the problem nor does the '06 S4 of another friend. One of the dealership mechanics even told me that I should try to slam on the brakes at a fairly high speed to get rid of the squeaking - didn't help.
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