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Spotted member in SoCal

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I saw a SF IS-F parked at the American Career College two Sundays ago when I went to church. It had a personalized plate with "Jeff" on it. Too bad I didn't bring mine that day to park beside it. Just wondering if the owner belongs to this forum...
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Hey that was me =].

Im an RN student, and my school flew some lady in from Texas for a 3 day comprehensive review (friday, staurday, sunday) so our graduating class can pass the state boards. Just letting you know, cuz im not usually there on sundays.

The roads in that area suck! Heh.

Nice to see another IS-F at the parking lot. I even took a picture of your car on my phone, lol. Maybe we could meet up with the rest of the LA owners someday...
I'm in. Just let me know when bud.
Definitely, Im available on Saturdays. Just have to figure out the time and place.
I saw another blue IS-F w/ white seats with "HDS" on the plates. This time it's at my work place (Imperial Hwy., Downey). I wonder if the owner is also a member of this forum. I might be in the same building as you are...
I guess not. Maybe I should post an invite on his/her window...
I saw a picture in a magazine of an F with BOOSTED on its rear license plate. He (unless it's Brattygirl) was waiting for his turn in a Las Vegas drag strip. Any of you guys? I assume his ride's blown.
Lets have a meet!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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