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Splat's 402whp N/A ISF!

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Well I took Splat's car for a baseline on our dyno before we put the AEM and Headers on and here is what it put down!

Check out the Video!
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yes i do every day. lol talked to andy on fb chat today. and lets just say things are finally getting wrapped up! i can not wait!! ordered my new tires and now i just need to find a valentine one to borrow for the road trip from Minn to Miami.

I know some guys from CL are going there this week/end to view it and take pics all that stuff.
I am going to swing by on Friday and check it out. I'll bring my camera with and post things here when I get back ;)
Just got off the phone with Andy and it sounds like today won't work out. Things are crazy busy at the shop today. It might have to be this weekend instead. Stay tuned for more updates ;)
1 - 2 of 86 Posts
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