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Splat's 402whp N/A ISF!

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Well I took Splat's car for a baseline on our dyno before we put the AEM and Headers on and here is what it put down!

Check out the Video!
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The final pulley was cut last night. They should be buttoning everything up this week and then testing!!
Bout Freakin Time!!!! Andy has had everybody salivating like mad for WAAAAYYYYY too long now waiting to see how this turns out. I imagine it will be worth the wait though.
By now we should all know that target dates for projects are completely wishful thinking. And any date given should just be changed to 'soon' or 'as soon as possible'
Yes, if we have learned anything about the aftermarket for our cars, it is that everything takes WAAAAYYYYYY longer than the manufacturer's liberal timeline estimates.
1 - 2 of 86 Posts
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