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"spirited driving"

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Just want to share a scary episode that happened to me yesterday.
Was driving at the speed limit on the highway and there is this old model Civic in the middle lane in front me. The guy was going about 10mph below the limit. I followed him for a few minutes and then decided to pass them. Zoomed by him as you would expect and next thing you know this guy went berserk. Probably on his way to blowing his engine but tried to follow me. Finally there was some traffic before the off-ramp and I slowed down. Next thing you know this idiot gunned it and squeeze by between me and the shoulder with inches to spare and almost hit the car in front of me. I wanted nothing to do with this so just drove on like normal. Just goes to show you that no matter how powerful your car is, you don’t want to set off some loser with an ego bigger than his brain. I had no question that this moron with his bruised ego would drive on the oncoming lane, or over the sidewalk so he can overtake me. Sad part is that even though you can’t control his actions, you could be held responsible! I was actually scared, not for myself but that this guy would crash or take someone out and then I will end up getting charged with negligence and street racing. Read many stories in the paper that you could be find responsible if the cops deem that you somehow are “part of the cause” leading to the accident. Talked to a co-worker and he sent me this link which really made me think.
It sucks and in my book if some idiot driving a rice box who is incompetent and has bad judgement crashes while trying to catch up to a Ferrari, its solely his responsibility as an adult and licensed driver. Really sucks so be careful.
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