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special pricing for 08 ISF is still available

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just checked for the latest pricing. over
10k discount on a well equipped 2008 ISF. i am not sure if special financing is still available, but if can offer > 10k off MSRP, i am sure local dealers can beat it by at least a couple thousand dollars. imagine new ISF at ~ 48k. this is truely a once in a life time deal. the sad thing is, the way the economy is going, it may get even cheaper although probably not by much.
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yeah i checked edmunds and the manufacturer to dealer incentive is $5k.
is special financing still available?
not sure. you'd have to check your local dealer. i believe the december to remember stuff got extended.
Yes, at least in my area, the December to Remember financing rates are gone. That was one to remember! :) But there are significant discounts available on remaining 08' models.
anybody know what the latest lease rate numbers on the is-f (08 and 09) are right now?
49k is sweet. If I can find one of those deals I'm in. If you don't mind me asking... was your car optioned? And what was the dealer you decided to do business with.
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