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Soon to be F owner in Miami, Fl.

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Yeaup! Been looking around for a month now for the perfect used F, a 08 or 09 are in my price range. My first choice would be a charcoal but I don't know if that color was made, Second would be white.

I just sold my s/c'd '05 Honda S2000(443whp on 93octane). I had tons of fun with it but it was time I needed/wanted back seats.

About me: I've been working with the local fire department for 6 years now. The water is my chill spot(kayaking, SUP). I own a Yamaha Warrior 1700. And I like beer :D

I gotta start reading up on the FAQ
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i believe the only diference is the rim choice. they made the great change of LSD in 2011! other than that no difference.

if i am wrong someone please help me out....
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