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Soon to be an owner

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Hey guys. I've been reading these forums for about a month and a half,and been in the process of deciding what vehicle to get after my wife graduates from college. {graduate student} I've been interested in the IS-F, M3 and C63 AMG. Being a non-owner of all of these cars and visiting all of their web sites, I have to give you guys a great compliment. So far ,none of you bitch at each other like on some of these other sites. BMW M3 owners especially.Nice to meet you all and keep up the great positive attitude toward each other. I hope to add more to your community after my future purchase.Can't wait to see what SEMA brings you guys.
Best Wishes, Sabredog
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Nice to have you here sabredog.

Honestly I don't think any of the cars you're considering are bad choices. I will say that the F is a great daily driver and really fun to auto-x or just plain drive hard.

Also, I tend to believe that the F will drive more like a new car for far longer than the German choices.

I also like that most people don't really know what the F is. That is until they are a passenger, or see tail lights ;-)
Well, we get kind of cranky every so often, but it's rare... :)

The IS-F is a good choice for a really nice daily driver, and the occasional track day. Plus Lexus reliability and service are second to none, and I speak from personal experience. Have previously owned a number of BMW's, and at least one Mercedes.

Any of them are good cars, but the IS-F is really, really nice.
I have always enjoyed adding performance mods to my cars and I see that I may be coming on board at a great time with SEMAstarting today and seeing some new products coming to the forum.
Welcome to the site!! Keep us updated on your purchasing process! What color are you considering? :)

Like its been said previously, all the cars are great cars and all have their strengths and weaknesses but where Lexus is above and beyond is the service and reliability aspect (as well as the fun to drive factor in my opinion) :) Have you driven them yet? Good luck!
My brother and I are going to go out this weekend and see if we can take one or two of these cars out.I can't purchase for a few more months now, so we'll see what salesman will allow. As for color, I like the red, white and silver the most. All colors are nice, these are just my preference. Are any of our forum members out at the SEMA show? Can't wait for news of the "new stuff", out there.
I believe Flipside909 is out there this week. I'm going to be visiting on Friday if some things fall in place :)
Have a good time if you go, and keep us posted on products for us.
welcome to the site, feel free to browse around and everything if you have any questions about the F don't hesitate to ask
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