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Somewhat a little off topic but...

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I find that for some reason on most forums that I go to, for example, redflagdeals, any time someone mentions the IS F, the BMW cavalry always comes charging in to totally put down the IS F. What's up with that? I mean, I like the M3 based on it's merits too, but seriously, what's the need for that.

Deep inside I think the IS F is such a worthy challenger to the M3 that it makes BMW worshippers' blood boil and puts their blood pressure through the roof!

Sometimes it's almost disheartening though. There's my rant, haha.
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Because it's just simply jealousy....some BMW fans just hate the fact that another car company like Lexus has come so close to what the M3 is. Actually, in a race, the M3 in a drag race in all stock form for both cars, the IS-F beats it. Could that be the case for the rage for BMW fans??? On a track, the M3 will take it. Seriously, though, in real world driving, it's always a drag race. Can't really track a car on public roads. Haha.
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