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Some nice pics of my car

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These were taken last month at a car meet :)

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I like the first pic with the myriad of colors reflected together
Nice pics! That meet looks like fun! Is that a TVR next to you in the fourth picture?
Yes it is a TVR :)
no Tamora ;)
You got a classic car buddy.. I loved it specially the third pic.. Awesome!!
Love the photos, we're they taken with a blackberry. My bros pics come out in this resolution with his!
Thanks guys.
Damo, they were shot with a proper camera. I can't see a Blackberry making photos any thing close to these
Should of known Guilhem, showed them to my brother and he laughed at my post!!! Love that black shine.
I likev the 3rd nd 5th pics with the myriad of colors reflected together
The third pic of your lexus just blew my mind away... Your car is looking elegantly marvelous Guilhem
Nice photos, very... Reflective car! Lol. Thanks for sharing.
Nice Car!

My buddy just bought an ISF and he loves it. He actually bought it in California and needed it brought here in Texas. Being that it is a fairly high value car, he didnt want to take any chances so he used and enclosed car transport to get it here. The company he used also moved some freight for him and gave him an all inclusive price. He was very happy!
Very nice F! I wish I could keep my car that clean all the time.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts