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sold my ISF

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hey guys i sold my ISF about 3 mounths ago and picked up a 2010 red gtr really nice car but still loved my ISF

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Congrats Jack. Seems like everyone is going zilla these days ;)
Yea ther crazy fun but I really loved my isf really miss it. But once the GSF comes out it's mine can't wait for that
How difficult is it to launch? Seems all I read is this bad boy is super violent off the line. Gotta save my pennys!!!!! Enjoy!!!
Foot on the break, slamm the gas, let off the break, and see yaaaaaaaa hahaha but it's all stock for now but soon I'll have a high 10 sec car that's fast.
Well you did what you said you were going to do and got the GTR.

Congrats on the new car! I bet it is a blast to drive.
Congrats! Keep us updated on how you like it. How would you compare the quality of the car to the ISF?
10 second quarter mile is SICKLY FAST!!!! Man I envy you but I have kids and can not get into a 2 seater yet :(
Yea I did get her ha. But the Lexus was made better I think. It's just a differnt type of car you know? When ur driven it it's like everyone looks so hard it's crazy. Pics are taken at every stop light and no one really knows wut it is I get ,is that a kit car or a lambo. Haha but the ride and quality wellll let's put it this way it's still a Nissan ha enough said. I do like it but as I sed befor if they come out with a GSF I'll be the first one on the list.
congrats jack, that is what I am doing, but I am going for 2011!, i think i saw your car on nagtroc
Be careful on the trans :)
How much more satisfying is the acceleration , just rolling then slamming wot compared to the ISF? TIA
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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