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SoCal: Presidents Day Meet 2-15-09

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I'm just putting this in here temporarily for more exposure. For you guys in SoCal, this is a good opportunity to get our IS F's parked together. The chance of rain has diminished and it will be a great day. This is one of CL's bigger informal meets. Everyone is welcome to come. I will be going there myself.


I've always considered this the "purists' meet". No sponsors, no prizes, no fees, no gimmicks. Come to the meet to check out your fellow CL members and their toys. You're coming because of the community and for the love of our cars!

Date: Sunday, February 15th.

Time: 1 PM. (Let's have a late lunch...)

Where: PO' FOLKS RESTAURANT (Click here for their website), 7701 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, 1/2 mile south of the 91.

How: Let's park in an organized fashion like last year...

Meet goes on RAIN OR SHINE!!!

Just a few things to consider:
--Buena Park Police is present, but relaxed. Police will be around. They were in the other side of the wax museum last year, looking for trouble-makers. Keep it cool and safe when driving. The less attention, the better.
--No burn-outs, please...
--Absolutely nothing illegal will be tolerated. I will personally call police on any activity and make a formal report.
--Plenty of parking behind the old wax museum for us. Try not to take over the Starbucks parking area.
--If you're gonna eat, BRING CASH!!! We had a credit card fiasco last time...
--Starbucks is right beside it, so if you're not eating, you can stay for a cup of coffee. It prevents loitering.
--If you're drinking alcohol, have a designated driver.
--If you want to have an after-meet mini-meet, feel free to make a suggestion. Most people will decide at the meet where to go for after-meet eats and photoshoots.


Cut and paste, please. I will keep this post updated with any news.

We'll see you there!


Link to South O.C. and San Diego Convoy

Link to 909 Caravan

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Thanks for the post Flip, although I just noticed it today, lol. I wouldn't have made it anyway due to the fact that it's my Lord's day... Hopefully the next would be on a Saturday.
Man I totally missed this! Was right up the street from me as well. Need to hit the forums more often now lol
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