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1. ) I'm putting up my Smoky Granite Mica Molded Wald Trunk for sale. SOLD!

The trunk includes 2 license plate lights, carbon fiber insert for the L logo, and the Matte Black L emblem.

These 2 pictures are the only pictures I have of the molded wald trunk on my car. The other picture is on the right side with a small paint crack; that's why I'm letting it go for this price. This trunk will need to be repainted in the future but not anytime soon. It's holding up very well and has PERFECT FITMENT on the ISx50/ISF. Makes the rear look a lot more aggressive and SICK!

2.) Selling my stock 2008 ISF rear sway bar for $85. Perfect condition. See attachment.

3.) Also selling my stock 2008 ISF shift knob. Perfect with no scratches. SOLD!

I am looking only for local sales in and around the 626! Thanks.

~ Jason


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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