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so i got new rear tires....

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12+k on the original bridgestones,

the passenger rear started losing air, not repairable. i "negotiated" the rim and tire warranty when i bought the car, so they replaced the tire free under warranty, and since both rears had 6/32 left, i had them also do the driver's rear.

the point of this post is...the new tires do not feel very sticky. on hard acceleration, from a dead stop, they slip and chirp...even with full traction control. maybe i am being overly sensitive, but i do not remember ever experiencing any of this before, even with the "balding" old tires.

on the highway (even at high speeds) the new tires feel fine. i have full confidence in them, but i cannot stop thinking about the low end loss of traction.

am i being overly sensitive? i also want to know how you can tell if they mounted the left tire on the left side, and the opposite.

thanks in advance for any feedback, and yes i am going to get the michelins next set when i have to replace all four at the same time....
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new tires need break-in also. they need to go through heat cycles to change the compound slightly to improve traction. you probably need to drive a few hundred miles before they completely mature.
Agree about the break-in. You should also remember on dry surface a "balder" tire will actually have better traction, the tread helps more with any abnormal road condition such as rain or light snow, and can contribute to ride quality.
thanks for the responses.

the tires are broken in a bit, the chirping has lessened, but i still have it in my head that i never went through this when i got the car. either way, the car still handles very well at high speeds, and i feel safe.

i have a different problem now, and i am going to post it on a new thread.
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