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so confused about what brake pad?

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Im new here to the family, just got my ISF a week ago and noticed days later the car needs new brake pads. OEM seems like a rip off! from all my searching there are alot of choices aftermarket wise. I like to drive all over the map and have a few track days per year. Are the Stoptechs a good choice? Any help would be appreciated.
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I use stoptech street performance street pads and like them, especially for the price.

There are lots of good alternatives though depending on what you want out of the pad (low noise, low dust, high bite, long life...ect) Project Mu makes several great pads for street only, aggressive street / light track, and full track. The NS400 is one of the best street pads on the market today. It is an all around better pad than oem that produces much less dust and it comes in at a much lower price point!

The company in the link posted above has great prices on the project Mu pads too.
Had the Stoptechs installed today and as of day 1 I like them, not much diff then the stock pads. Initial bite is a little less and I like that. Overall they feel great.
The dust of the stocks, OMG...
Project Mu NS400! Equal or better performance than OEM but way less dust. I know it says package deal but it looks like you can also buy pads separate from the rotors.
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