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Snows installed today as well as test fit my super leggs

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Here are the snows michelin Xice 225/45/R18 all the way around. Wheels are 17lbs Kosei K1TS racing wheels. So far, they are totally mushy and the car has teh typical trouble accelerating and braking, but they are super snuggly after all. Should get me through the winter just fine. I also had a chance to test fit my 19x8 OZ superleggera III's. They looks so small now and they just barely clear the brakes. I am not sure about the rear haha.

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Not bad! Good thing they're only for winter! Is it getting cold up there already? Its still 80 down here :)
Brrr winter. We're still in the 90's here in SoCal. :D
nice package :eek: . I don't have my thinking cap on this A.M. What are the opposed valve stems all about? I thought maybe one of them was a sensor, but then I thought you wouldn't need 2 holes for that? Did they include an air pressure sensor with them?
They look really nice and ought to provide an excellent rally-type experience this winter! (Calling for snow flurries tonight in OH!)
very nice!!!! i think im going to just cover my car up and thats that anyone know a good car cover for the F? please provide link
Nice set up for the winter.

I just put away mine for the winter on the weekend. I now have the extra long wait - probably unitl late April before I get it back on the road.

This is going to be a looong winter.
I have no idea what the twin valve stem is about. No TPMS for now, I do not really care about it as I have short drives typically and a compressor to fill things up every once in a while.

I could afford to bench it for the winter haha.
Fig you need to clean out your garage and give your baby a place to sleep. Nice pics BTW.:cool:
Fig you need to clean out your garage and give your baby a place to sleep. Nice pics BTW.:cool:
haha, you have no idea...
Between my CNC, my cabinet saw and all my wood shop stuff, the welders, my old motor from the Gen1 and my sheetmetal tools, aint no space haha.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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