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Sneak Preview: 2010 NAIAS - Detroit, MI

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Greetings from chilly Detroit, Michigan!

I am currently in Detroit for the 2010 North American International Auto Show. It is very cold here in the motor city in contrast to 80+ degree sunny Southern California. I have had a chance to check out Cobo Center this morning during the last day of setup before the doors open to the Press bright and early at 6am EST.

At the time, many companies were still building up their displays. Some manufacturers put black curtains to cover their displays up as most others just put a car cover on top of their "feature" car. It is amazing how much work and time goes into these auto show displays. All the manufacturers go all out in their displays at Detroit compared to all the other shows throughout North America. The Korean and Chinese are making their mark on the show floor. You will see some pretty interesting cars in the next few days of press day. Media from all over the world have been making their way into town. The Audi R8 convertible in orange, Honda CRZ, Buick Regal GS, BMW Concept Active E, MB E-Class convertible and Toyota's newest hybrid which will be unveiled starting tomorrow morning.

I did get a sneak peak at the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe which looks a lot like the regular coupe, but with the obvious upgrades of the V package. You can tell GM, and Chrysler are making a big presence despite the fact of their financial situation. You can tell the big 3 have stepped it up....hopefully this is a forecast of the economy bouncing back into the positive. Fuel efficiency is key and Hybrid, Electric and alternative fuels are prominent in most focus of course. "Electric Avenue" and the "MEDC EcoXperience" are going to be key highlights of the show. The EcoXperience which is situated downstairs at Michigan Hall features a 1/4 mile indoor ride-and-drive test track surrounded by real plants and landscape will have several manufactures featuring their alternative fuel vehicle. Even the chinese company BYD has a vehicle available to test.

As expected, Toyota, Scion and Lexus have the same spots at Cobo Center. Scion has 4 feature cars that were displayed at SEMA, including their "structure" in the background. Toyota display has focus on the plug-in hybrid Prius and of course the all-new Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Sienna.

So what's at the Lexus booth at Detroit this year? Lexus has gorgeous display with a huge background which is a video display that goes from end to end of their real estate. Absent is the 2nd story lounge area they had from last year. The signature Lexus marquee and waterfall is present behind the info counter. The display is very bright and features a lot of white lighting which really brings a warm inviting feeling. The screen in the background really grabs your attention, even from the front entrance of the hall, you can see the graphics flashing.

The floor of the Lexus display is all themed with silver cars just like LA was, but the cars are segregated into 3 categories. From left to right, you have hybrid, standard luxury and performance.

As expected, at the front of the display area is the concept LF-Ch which has made it's way to Detroit from it's North American premier at LA last month. Next to the LF-Ch is a Silver Opal Mica HS250h which is customized by VIP Auto Salon (responsible for the 2007 Lexus SEMA LS460 and 2010 Lexus SEMA IS350C). The HS250h features an exclusive Branew Japan body kit, decklid spoiler, exhaust and 20" wheels. To the left on the turntable is the Whitest White LF A w/Carbon Roof and Red interior which came direct from Japan via LA Auto Show last month. The LF A cutout sits adjacent to the white LFA along with the touchscreen displays which allow you to customize an LFA like on the global LFA website. In back by the video screen, you will find 2 new GX460s. One is on a turntable and one is on the floor for you to check out. You will find an ES350, RX350, RX450h, LS600hL, LS460 AWD w/Sport Package parts (Aero kit, grille), IS Convertible w/F-Sport and of course the ISF. Absent for press day is the LX570 which will be available during the public days of the auto show.

There are 2 LFA's currently in Detroit. One is the flat black LFA which is at the MGM Detroit for The Gallery event which opened tonight and the white LFA at the display at Cobo Center. For you guys that are near Detroit, make sure to visit NAIAS this year.

The Gallery is located remotely at the MGM Detroit. It is a section for luxury manufacturers in a private setting. You will see Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Spyker, Aston Martin and of course Lexus! There is a seperate entry fee $25/day and will only be open to the public on Monday and Tuesday Jan 11 and 12 respectively.

Oh yeah, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be at the show tomorrow, so it may be a security nightmare when her entourage arrives.

More pics to come!
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Some photos from yesterday:


CTS-V Coupe...

Black LFA - The Gallery - MGM Grand - Detroit:

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Photos from my Blackberry: (Please excuse the image quality)

Meet Joe Lewis, Motown's hometown hero welcoming you to Cobo Center

If you ever come to the NAIAS and you're lost, all you have to do is look at the floor and it will tell you where you're at!

Lexus display

VIP AutoSalon HS250h w/Branew Japan Aero Kit, Exhaust and Wheels.

Look what's here!

Here's the other!

[b]The new Chevy CTS-V Coupe! LOL [/b]



A view from outside Cobo Center looking east across the Detroit River to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. BRRRRR!

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Thanks for the write up and pics!! Keep them coming!
Thanks for the write up. I actually know the one "Lexus" Modle that is standing near the LFA facing the same direction as the LFA.

Can't wait for the Chicago Show Next month!
Lexus is doing this right.

I am shooting for a 2010 ISF right now.

Can't wait................

Must have it.............................:eek:
Thanks for the write up. I actually know the one "Lexus" Modle that is standing near the LFA facing the same direction as the LFA.

Can't wait for the Chicago Show Next month!
Yeah she's cool. That group of models all travel together throughout the country for the auto shows.
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