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Skip Barber Racing Lexus ISF Event- Laguna Seca

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I have to say that this event was an amazing experience. We got alot of information about the car from a race car drivers point of view and to see that the ISF actually impressed them said alot.

After an hour of the basics we took to the road. They drove us around a few times to get acquainted with Laguna Seca and after a few laps we were chasing each other around the track!!!

If you have the opportunity.....I would recommend you try and attend this event and see what it is your ISF can really do. I had no idea what the ISF was capable of, so this session was an eye opener. After the class I feel even more confident when I'm on the road becasue I know what the car can do and I know how far I can push the car..... and trust me there's alot of pushing to be done!!!

I took a few pics, check them out. I have a minute of video on the track that I'll post on youtube for everyone to check out.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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