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car toys is wrong. you can use the sharkfin as long as you get the adapter cable. some places use some stick on antenna on the windshield. looks like crap.

i did the install myself, but for some it may be more work than you want to do. only tough part was removing the center console (the center air vents suck!).

here's what you need:

- sharkfin adapter (
- interface unit and sirius module (

you can probably find this stuff for less elsewhere, but those are the parts i ordered. been using it since last year and it works great. i have the interface and radio modules under the passenger seat. ran the cables for the radio and antenna under the plastic trim and carpet. it took me a few hours to install it myself.

the sharkfin adapter connects in the trunk. you need to pull back the carpet on the right side of the trunk and you will find an open connector there to plug into. it's pretty obvious as it's the only thing you can connect to in that area.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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