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Simply Amazing!

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IS-F is nothing I thought it would be, it is better. This car is beyond fast, never seen a car with this kind of power. I am a college student and it is sure nice to pull up in the parking lot with this killer car. But this car seems to fast for me, Im always going 60 mph in the streets, and 80 mph on highway easy without even noticing. Definitely a nice car on Lexus' part. Gas is a killer but totally worth it with this car :) :D :cool: :eek: :p ;)
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Welcome to the site and congrats on your purchase!! :D What color exterior/interior did you get? Pics?

I'm glad you really like it as much as we do! It has all that power and still has Lexus luxury and reliability! :cool:
pc1990 dude u have so much power in that car its stupid! u have to understand how realy dangerous that is to realy learn that car u should try autocross and some track days and take it easy!!!
Gas mileage? What's that? :D

Welcome! What color is your IS F?
Welcome to the "F" family, now buy a radar/laser detector if you don't have one, it's worth it.

08 IS-F Blk/Blk 3/31/08 #498
06 IS 250 AWD Silver/BLK
Congrats on the new car, glad to see your enjoying the IS-F !! Welcome to the site !!
Nay! It's not that Fast! I think I can outrun this car with my Bicycle..:D
Nay! It's not that Fast! I think I can outrun this car with my Bicycle..:D
Or a unicycle :p
I can outrun all of you with my skateboarddd hahahaha, but welcome to the forums buddy, enjoy the carr!!
its black on black. Its gets really hot in there but I love it. Hard to keep it clean. This is my first black car and thought it would be easier to keep clean but its just as hard as keeping a white car clean. Big upgrade though, I went from a white 97' Corolla to simply this monster. Hey do you guys know of any tracks out here in Orange County, CA?:cool: :D
White and silver are the two easier colors to maintain. You can have them covered with dust or fallout and it is hardly noticeable.

Black is the pits.... shows every spec of dust and it attracts heat. You can easily fry an egg on black.

Black is beautiful, that is for the first 60 seconds after being cleaned then it's all down hill from there.

Congrats on the car and welcome to the site!!

does anyone here know what he's talking about..gas mileage?? I have vague memories of this thing you call "gas mileage", I think I'll spend the entire day tomorrow driving aroung looking for the evasive gas mileage you talk about!lol
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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