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Simplest best firt modification

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New guy here. Seems like a great source of information.

I'd like recommendations for a great first mod. Keeping it simple and reasonable $$.

2008 bone stock, but it has several factory options.

Any problems I should look for? Although I do have a 6 year Lexus warranty on it.

Just realized this is in the wrong forum. Sorry. And a spelling error in the title. Great start.

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First mod depends on what you want to do. There's two types of mods - performance and appearance. Appearance mods can be low cost if you swap out incandescent bulbs for LEDs, black out the chrome around the windows or paint the area between the tail pipes.

A low cost performance mod could be something like a after market intake. There's not a lot more you can do as a low cost performance mod.
I'm interested in the LEDs, looks pretty you know a good place to get these parts? Dealership only? Also not too keen on the yellow fog lights.
There's lots of places to get LED's. Some people like vendor sites and parts stores. I've bought a lot of them from eBay.

The dealership is the last place that I would look.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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