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G'day guys

Ive got myself a Is-F and am looking to purchase a set of Sikky headers.

My question is how different is the LHD model to the RHD model,

Do anyone have any pics of under there so i could compare,?
ID alos be willing to share my findings with Sikky to help them market there excellent product with other owners of this fine car in countries where only RHD is available.

Thanks in advance.,
Also does anyone know of a place that sells the JoeZ exhaust , i was dealing with Clark from VIP but he seems to not be returning emails now.

Thanks guys.,!
Hello Richie! yes they are very different. We are developing our RHD headers and will need to have them tested. If you can provide us with some pics of the underside of your rhd car specifically the area under the engine bay and some shots of the upper side this would help to verify our findings. We should have some ready for testing in two to three weeks.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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