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I have only had my F since May of 09 I am a car guy work for a Chevy dealer and am thinking within the next couple months getting rid of the F. I love it no problems no negative just really like the new CTS-V. I can pick up a loaded one fairly cheap and I have equity in my F decisions decisions just wanted to see what your guys thoughts were.
I would encourage you to stay in the F. I am biased toward the Lexus product, no doubt. Your comment has summed up all the good things about any Lexus product. You love it, have no negatives and it has equity. Have you heard those same kind of comments coming from any Cadillac owners? My thoughts are that the Cad's seem to lose a lot more value over time than the Lexi do. There is a whole lot of info out there to support that fact. If it's just the pure styling you like better and you don't care about resale, quality of materials, build quality and all the things that keep Lexus what it is, then go for it! Remember, you will always arrive in a Lexus and just show up in anything else. ;)
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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