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Short hello from Germany

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Hello to everyone

I shortly would like to introduce myself. I'm located in Hamburg, Germany, and after 14years of Mercedes-Benz I finally made it to the big L. After testing a few IS220d and IS250 I got hooked on the IS-F. The difference between the 250 and the F is definitly worth the extra money spent on gasoline and highways are pretty much unlimited over here, so no real decision to be made. Maybe I would have gone for 350, but this never has been sold in Europe and due to the currency conversion rates nowadays importing is no real option.

Now I'm owning a 2008 white IS-F w/o sun roof or anything else. Currently it shows 110.000km (approx 68,500mls).

Now I'm searching for a set of 14 spoke IS-F rims. So, if you know someone who is willing to trade, any hint is highly appreciated. Shipping location is in the US, transfer to Germany would be taken care of from my side.

Anyhow, may everyone of you get through the winter time safely and have a happy new year.

Kind regards,

Wer ist Kehrmann?
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I am a German fanatic that has been converted! Just purchased 2010 IS F on 12/30/14. Had an 05 E46 M3 vert and it let me down. I wanted the E92 M3 so BAD, but had to choose reliabilty and get the Lex. At any rate who cares I am with a new family now. BMW u can kiss my A$!....
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