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I've been driving the F in manual the last few days and I'm a total noob:confused:, so I would appreciate if someone could tell me when and how to shift?
Upshifting is pretty easy but when coming to a red light always causes problems. I've noticed that the car drops gears by itself, but how and when do I drop gears without the violent jerks? When coming to a stop the car jerks 2-3 times than comes to a full stop? So I dont want to look like a total jacka** driving around this way, so if someone can take the time and tell me how to properly shift, it would be much appreciated.:)
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i constantly downshift, and use the brake as little as possible.

i never downshift into first. i get her down as far as i can in second, then resort to the brake. i don't like the "jump" you experience when going into first, and just brake a bit and let the car do it seamlessly itself.
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