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Shifting issues?

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Today In the morning I was making a left turn in Sport mode/automatic and the car wouldnt shift out of third gear. I always wait till the oil temperture rises mid-way to turn on sport mode. I waited about five seconds to see if it'll shift as it hit 6,000 rpms on 3rd gear, but nothinghappened. So I quickly put it into manual and shifted by myself. I know some have had problems early in the morning in cold weather, but my car was warm and was 57 degrees outside. So any answers?
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I've noticed some torque lag issues with mine but I wasn't too sure what gear it was on because I left it on auto. Anyone know a way to fix the torque lag issue? This happened once only to me and I experienced it after 10-15mins of driving.
Besides the oil temp, how about the engine coolant temp? Did you allow the engine to warm up properly to normal running temperature?
Everything is warmed up properly before I went speed racer mode but got shot down when the torque lag kicked in then I was sad. =*(
I have had the same issue a few times now in normal/auto mode. Always seems to happen after accelerating moderately hard then lifting off the throttle within a few hundred RPM of where one would expect it to shift automatically. Then it just won't shift, sometimes even after accelerating again to the rev. limiter.

All occurances have been during fall, winter and early spring, though a couple have happened after several minutes of driving. I will put it down to temeprature for now and monitor it during the remainder of Spring and into Summer to see if it stops during the Summer months.
Are you sure you haven't previously down shifted with the paddles and effectively locked out the upper gears by doing so? If you donw shift in auto mode it will not auto up shift past that point, you will have to shift it to access the upper gears again (or travel at a fairly constant for about 15? seconds).

i get that too when i accelerate quickly.... I think its just the ecu putting itself in aggressive mode and holding the gear longer..... nothing to worry about- at least I'm not
I've had a problem with the car not shifting in sport/maual mode on me three times. I've always waited till the car was properly warmed up before I got on her. It happened from 2nd to 3rd. I'd hit the paddle shifter and it just won't shift. I've had this happen three times and it takes me hitting the paddle like 3 times to make it actually shift. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a flash that I can do to fix it?
This could be a big issue and I think we should all submit a complaint to Lexus. They'll have to look into it.
If you have this issue, then just shift with the knob until the engine warms up. There is a flaw in my opinion, but oh well, that's life.
If you have this issue, then just shift with the knob until the engine warms up. There is a flaw in my opinion, but oh well, that's life.
Actually I wouldn't say oh well because that can be a very critical issue they have to look at. What happens if we want to speed up to avoid an accident from happening and when the torque lag kicks in, that is a major failure issue and major cause of an accident. It'll also bring injuries to all parties and/or even death.
Would this be the same thing or similar to the jerking from first to second in m/sport mode with spirited acceleration?
lag? or jump?

if it is, i get that all the time when driving retarded -- especially when coming to a stop and it goes a little hard into 1st gear in manual mode

i wasn't worried about it because it just reminded me of my old manual integra gs-r and manual cobra.
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